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About Company



In the fast pace of life, people seem to pay more attention on their living space as it is the only place where can help them to maintain their family members' relationship, where can bring them the warm feeling of love after all of the life pressures. Based on that, PRE was established with all of our passion and desire to bring you the most exquisite beauty for your house.

Our company is with the young and professional workforces who have many year of experience, full of energy, creation and enthusiasm. We are together commit to spend all efforts to create the best products and bring success to each of our project so that building a professional, developed and reliable business to the customers.

All business activities of the PRE is based on the spirit of responsibility and prestige. Responsibility for the work, with partners and customers. Always thinking, continuous improvements to create a good working environment, committed to all staffs, creating the best solutions bring surplus value to the customers.

With a commitment to lifetime, PRE is constantly innovating, applying quality management system to test every product which come on to the market is high quality to the customers. PRE aspires to become the famous for the best quality of interior.