(TBTCO) – Theo nhận định của ông Nguyễn Tôn Quyền, Phó Chủ tịch Hiệp hội Gỗ và Lâm sản Việt Nam (VIFORES), năm 2017 và thời gian tới, ngành gỗ sẽ có 4 thách thức về nguồn gỗ nguyên liệu.
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Although GDP growth in 2016 is not achieving its objectives, the economies of Vietnam still experts and foreign organizations appreciate the ability to grow in 2017. According to Forbes magazine, despite facing many difficult, but Vietnam's economy will continue strong growth in 2017 based on the elements of investment opportunities or the private sector to thrive. According to analysis by the experts of HSBC, Vietnam GDP growth in 2017 regularly in every quarter and there are many positive signs.
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I. EXPORT - The United States continues to maintain the largest export market of South Vietnam, reaching $ 2.8 billion, accounting for 41% of total exports of the country g & SPG, an increase of 6.93% compared to 2015.
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A series of changes in the supply of timber from countries in the region, have set a challenging problem to secure supplies for the timber industry in Vietnam in the coming time, not only to meet the growth in 10-15% / year and still have to ensure legal timber. Vietnam and the European Union in 2016 ended VPA / FLEGT and after the Agreement enters into force, all wood products exported to the EU Vietnam must have a legal origin. Along with the change in timber management policies in Myanmar, Laos or China in the direction Egg Export squeeze timber, sawn timber will impact greatly to Vietnam's wood supply.
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